Dog parkour is a relatively new to the UK dog sport. Over here it is organised by a society called Dog Parkour UK. The dogs can work through the levels and gain titles which can then be added to their registered names.

Dog parkour is a like mix of urban agility and doggy yoga and involves dogs being trained to complete a variety of moves and positions interacting with their environment – eg 2 paws on a tree stump, jumping from one box to another, bouncing off a board, circling an object etc – lots more information on the DPUK Facebook Page.

It is a fabulous dog sport because it can be done absolutely anywhere – within the home or garden (built environment) , in the park or woods (natural environment) or in a town centre (urban). There are some clubs and classes scattered around the country but one can easily do this sport alone.

Barbets are proving to be excellent candidates and we have some really successful parkour dogs in the UK. If anyone is interested and wants to know more – feel free to contact me