The Barbet Club of GB requires that all breeding stock is evaluated for Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia using the BVA panel scoring; and inherited eye diseases using the BVA panel scheme. As well as DNA tests for health issues occurring in the breed.
It is a requirement that all litters are registered with the Kennel Club and it is encouraged that all litters are recorded on the pawpeds database.

Disclaimer: the Barbet Club GB is an impartial body and does not provide recommendations of individual breeders. The breeders detailed below have agreed to comply with the Rules & Regulations and the Code of Ethics of the Barbet Club GB and the Kennel Club.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to satisfy themselves that the correct criteria for buying and selling a puppy have been met, (both parents BVA hip and elbow scored, and eye tested using the BVA/KC eye scheme, and also be DNA tested with required results.)

Health test results can be checked online at – and always ask to see copies of paperwork.


Breeder Julie Botterill

Kennel Name Muddiwarx


Location Manchester

Contact 07966394692


Breeder Wendy Preston

Kennel Name Novaforesta


Location Dorset



Breeder Clare Davies

Kennel Name Barbamor


Location North Wales



Breeder Amy Johnson

Kennel Name AmbionHill

Location – Midlands

Tel. 07710097392

Orla Di Amaretto Nero

DoB 28/05/2018 Black fully curly Hips 3/5 Elbows 0 BVA eye test Clear October 2022

prcdPra Clear, D locus Clear, Von Willebrand type1 Clear


Breeder Kim Steel

Kennel Name Lalottie 

Email –

Location – Sussex

No litters planned before 2023 


Breeder Pauline Hewitt 


Tel 07947505300. 


Location – Lincolnshire  


Breeder Kate & Andy Tometzki

Kennel Name Lieselotte


Location – SW (Bath & NE Somerset)  

Pippa de la Tierra du Suerte at Lieselotte

DoB 21/07/2019 Black fully curly Hips 5/5 Elbows 0 BVA eye test Clear

prcdPra Clear, D locus Clear, Von Willebrand type1 Clear