All members of the Barbet Club of GB who wish to breed their dog or bitch undertake to abide by its Breeder Code of Ethics as well as the Kennel Clubs code of ethics for Breeding.

  1. Will appreciate the unique nature of the Barbet and try to preserve the characteristics this dog has inherited through selective breeding over the centuries (intelligence, love of water, keen scenting ability etc).
  2. Will understand that anyone breeding Barbets bears a great responsibility to the future of the breed. They should match stud and bitch based upon temperament, conformation, the individuals and their bloodlines and accepted principles of health and genetics, paying attention to the current UK breed standard. Breeders should endeavour to keep abreast of developments regarding possible problems associated with heredity and temperament with a view to avoiding these problems being passed on through their stock.
  3. Will only breed from a UK Kennel Club registered bitch and use studs registered in either UK or an overseas Kennel Club and agree to register puppies with UK Kennel Club.
  4. Will only breed from their Barbet if they have the time, facilities and finances available to embark on this practice. Owners should also be aware of the life-long commitment they owe to the resulting puppies and be prepared to take back and re-home a dog they have produced at any stage during that dog’s life.
  5. Have realistic expectations of available and suitable homes for puppies BEFORE a mating takes place
  6. Will abide by the Club’s recommended Health tests as detailed in our separate Health Document.
  7. Will ensure that no bitch shall whelp before the age of two years and no more than once in any twelve-month period. No bitch shall have more than 4 litters
  8. Will not allow a puppy to be exported before the age that the country of export requires and will ensure it is in good health and have had the appropriate inoculations required by that country’ before it leaves this country.
  9. Will co-operate with other breeders, especially, but also with clubs and veterinary bodies, in an effort to eradicate hereditary defects.
  10. Will, when having stock for sale, be conversant with the Sale of Goods Act and be cautious in their claims of potential. Misrepresentation by members in advertising is discouraged.
  11. Will understand that it is recommended that all breeders initially apply all Kennel Club endorsements to their puppies and inform the purchasers to that effect in accordance with Kennel Club guidelines.
  12. Will only lift endorsements for breeding once the owner had fulfilled recommended health testing and given assurance that the dog is of appropriate temperament and of UK Abreed standard.
  13. Will screen prospective puppy owners for suitability ideally a face to face meeting where the prospective owner meets the puppies mother, or by other means such as a home visit by a known responsible person, a reference or a completed questions sheet.
  14. Will advise of breed characteristics, day-to-day practicalities of owning a Barbet and the value of taking out pet insurance.
  15. Will insist in writing, when selling a puppy, that the purchaser have the puppy checked by a veterinarian within a set time of sale to be decided mutually at the time depending on circumstances, making it clear that if found to be unfit, the puppy must be returned for either replacement or refund of the purchase price.
  16. Will ensure that no puppy shall leave the breeder before eight weeks of age and extra consideration be given when selling stock prior to Christmas.
  17. Will endeavour to keep updated of their puppies’ progress in their respective homes.

Stud Owners:

Will agree to points 1 and 2 above plus

  1. Will abide by the Club’s recommended Health tests as detailed in our separate Health Document.
  2. Will only agree their stud be used on a Health tested bitch registered with UK Kennel Club or with an overseas Kennel Club.
  3. Stud owners will only provide stud dog services where all the above guidelines have been met.

If you wish to be listed as a Barbet Club Breeder on this website, please complete and return the application form with your details :