If you are considering breeding the Barbet, please read the information on UK Health Testing and Registration as a first step in your journey.

There are many considerations to breeding dogs. Whilst it may seem like an easy or fulfilling choice, it is a very serious decision. It is rewarding when everything goes well, but can be devastating if things go wrong. Anyone who intends to breed needs a good knowledge of all the aspects of breeding; there is a lot to learn to do the best for the dogs you breed with and the breed itself.

If you wish to be listed as a Barbet breeder and/or stud dog owner on the Barbet Club GB Website please check that you meet the criteria and recommendations in the Breeder Code of Ethics and UK Health Testing sections.

Please complete the application form attached below and email it to our health coordinator barbethealth@gmail.com to verify and approve your listing.

Breeding mentors:

Wendy Preston – wendy@barbet.org.uk,

Catherine Crowther – catherinecrowther@gmail.com,

Julie McDougal – juliekmcdougal@gmail.com

The breeding mentors are always available if you want information and advice on helping to preserve this wonderful breed.