Club Flags

The new club flags are ready for our 2023 events. They will be flagging our stand at Discover Dogs, Crufts 2023 – March 9th to 12th.

2022 Annual Newsletter

All members should receive their 2022 Newsletter by the end of June 2022

RVC Pandemic Puppies Survey Results

Click below to view the results of this insightful survey.

2022 Barbet Calendar

Full of fantastic Barbets, the 2022 calendar is a great gift for your family and friends. And of course yourself! I’m taking orders, so please email me at for details.

Evian (Eau de Joie Evian)

UK Parkour Title Holding Barbets

DPUK – BEFL1 title currently held by Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx), Mousse (Muddiwarx Link to The Past), Bruin (Wookieebev A New Start Han Solo), Olive (Awelymor Miele at Barbamor) and Flora (Barbamor Starting on Monday)

DPUK- UEFL1 title currently held by Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx) and Bruin (Wookieebev A New Start Han Solo)

DPUK – NEFL1 title title currently held by Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx)

DPUK- FL1ex title currently held by Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx)

DPUK- BEFL2 title currently held by Zelda (Awelymor Maelee Avec Muddiwarx)

Barbet Health Survey

If you have a Barbet over 18 months old, please fill in our health survey here

We welcome input from UK and overseas Barbets. More information can be found on the Barbet Health Survey under the Breeding tab.

December 2020

We are running a virtual Christmas Dog Show on Facebook. All funds are for Barbet and Rescue. Enter here at the Barbet Club of Great Britain Online Dog Show 2020.

OPEN TO ALL BREEDS AND MIXES. Show opens on Dec 1st and entries close and judging commences on Dec 12th. Results will be announced on the page shortly afterwards. Rosettes will be sent out to winners of each class!

Congratulations to LaLottie Barbets who celebrate their first litter of Barbets.

Five puppies, two boys (one brown, one black) and three girls (two brown, and one black) were born to Lottie (Novaforesta Lenten Rose) and Rollo (Afva Noblesse Story of Sirius) on 6th September 2020

The first Barbet ever to win a Best In Show!

Barbamor Starting on Monday

A fantastic achievement for the Barbet breed.
Flora (Barbamor Starting on Monday) won Best AV Import / Best Puppy in Show and Best in Show on Sunday 16th February 2020.
The Limit show was hosted by Welsh Northern Counties and Colwyn Canine Society, 73 dogs were entered. Flora was handled by Kevin Davies.
Flora, 7 months old, a beautiful girl with a loving personality, has been consistently placed at all the shows she has entered in 2020.