The Barbet Club GB runs a breed specific rescue for any Barbet that
finds itself needing a new home or for owners who are struggling to
cope, for whatever reason, who need support through difficult times. We
are a numerically small breed spread across the UK but we are a
supportive group of owners and breeders who are able to help out
whatever the problem, whatever the time or whatever the day.

We would always recommend that the first point of contact should be the
breeder but there may be occasions where this is neither practical or
achievable and in such cases Barbet Rescue and Welfare will be able to
offer support, guidance and assistance.

Our aim is for your dog to remain with you wherever possible but
occasionally this is not viable and in such cases we will ensure the dog
is rehomed to the most suitable applicant.

Barbet Rescue and Welfare is run by volunteers who generously give
their time and resources in order to help those who need it and are
supported by donations and fundraising. Most of our volunteers are committee members of Barbet Club GB but we will always welcome offers of help from anyone who has the breed interest at heart and the necessary skills and experience to help in any areas of welfare and rescue.