UK Kennel Club registration, Microchipping, ISAG Profile

UK Kennel Club registration

All Barbets should now be registered with our Kennel Club if they reside/born or are imported into the UK.

All imported dogs into the UK must have an official export pedigree to be registered with UK KC.

To safeguard the breed when registering a litter the Kennel Club permits the use of two endorsements on registrations – Progeny Not Eligible for Registration and Progeny Not for Export.

Endorsements can only be lifted by the breeder who sets the criteria for lifting.

For the puppies from an overseas sire to be registered in UK The stud has to be recorded with UK Kennel Club, this can be done when registering the puppies with copies of pedigrees. Litters from an overseas sire can only be registered by post


UK Law states that every dog has to be microchipped by the time it is 8 weeks old. Firstly in the breeders name and then transferred in to the new keepers name and recorded on one of the DEFRA approved data bases.

DNA ISAG 2006 Profile

ISAG 2006 is a DNA profile which provides a unique identifier for your dog, and can be positively identified should the animal be lost or stolen. Profiles can be used to validate the accuracy of breeding lines.

The most widely used and accepted canine DNA profiling system in the UK (and worldwide) is called ISAG 2006, ISAG stands for “International Society of Animal Genetics. This is the organisation that developed the ISAG 2006 profiling method, to standardise the genetic profiling of dogs. Be careful to ensure that you get ISAG 2006, other similarly named variants exist that are not exactly the same.