The Barbet Club of GB requires that all breeding stock is evaluated for Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia using the BVA panel scoring; and inherited eye diseases using the BVA panel scheme. As well as DNA tests for health issues occurring in the breed.
It is a requirement that all litters are registered with the Kennel Club and it is encouraged that all litters are recorded on the pawpeds database.

Disclaimer: the Barbet Club GB is an impartial body and does not provide recommendations of individual stud dog owners. The stud dog owners detailed below have agreed to comply with the Rules & Regulations and the Code of Ethics of the Barbet Club GB and the Kennel Club.

It is the responsibility of the stud dog owner to satisfy themselves that the bitch has the required health test results.

Health test results can be checked online at – and always ask to see copies of paperwork.


Novaforesta James Brown (Boris)

Hips 4/3 Elbows 0 Eyes Clear Fully DNA tested 
Owned by Gill and Dave Wildman Location Kent


Novaforesta New-Start

Hips 6/7 Elbows 0 Eyes Clear Fully DNA tested 
Owned by Suzanne Leamon Location – North Wales 07787744951